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To safeguard our rights as workers and sustain the magazine’s voice into the future, we have decided to form a union with the NewsGuild, which represents our peers at outlets that are producing some of today’s most important and vital journalism, such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, and The Nation — and including newly unionized publications like The New Yorker, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and The New Republic.


In a nomination meeting at TIME Magazine on December 7, 2018, one Guild member was nominated to fill the open Unit Chair position.


Andrea Kannapell of The New York Times won a three-way contested election for an open Executive Board seat.


If NewsGuild of New York member and New Yorker fact-checker Natalie Meade wasn’t in the media industry, she’d have her PhD in behavioral psychology and be working as a jury consultant—think Criminal Minds but without the serial killers. Meade attended the University of Delaware for her bachelors in mass communication and psychology, but luckily for us, she transitioned into journalism and earned her masters from Columbia Journalism School. Get to know Natalie! 


The nomination and election to fill four positions as delegates to the January 2019 TNG Sector Conference  officers shall be conducted in accordance with the Bylaws of The NewsGuild of New York, as amended April 30, 2015, Federal Law, and these  rules adopted by the Local Election Committee.


There is no doubt these are, and will continue to be, difficult days ahead for all of our members at Mic. We are here with them, and will continue to be, every step of the way. Mic management has counted on our dedicated members to maintain its journalistic reputation and identity as a mission-driven media organization for years with their hard work, and professionalism in the face of constantly shifting and poorly-defined corporate priorities.


From Huffington Post | Seeking more stability and job protections, staffers have asked owner Ziff Davis to recognize their union and start bargaining for a contract.


As editorial staffers of Ziff Davis publications PC Magazine, Mashable,, and AskMen, we are proud to represent a diverse array of publications. Each brings a distinct voice, passion, and expertise to coverage spanning tech, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, and everything in between. Together, our editorial teams have helped build well-respected outlets that can dissect internet culture, produce in-depth reviews, and report feature stories that drive the online conversation in a digital media industry undergoing tectonic shifts. Yet, despite these successes, there is reason for worry.


Editorial employees at PC Magazine, Mashable, and AskMen have announced that an overwhelming majority of its staff have joined the NewsGuild of New York, the union that represents nearly 3,000 media professionals in the greater New York City area. The employees are requesting voluntary recognition from parent company Ziff Davis, which is owned by J2 Global, and will form one bargaining unit.