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"We love Ars like you love Ars. We know readers come to Ars for comprehensive, accurate, and analytical coverage of the scientific and technical world. And our staff—many with IT, medical, science, software development, and other backgrounds outside of journalism—comes to Ars for the unique opportunity to have the time and space to do our particular brand of reporting." 


Digital editorial employees at Fortune magazine are demanding voluntary recognition from Fortune management. By joining their fellow union-represented print colleagues as members of The NewsGuild of New York, these workers are seeking to erase the artificial digital divide that management at Fortune has insisted on enforcing.


Get to know the amazing Adam Rhodes from Law360. A union activist and a member of both his unit's Mobilizing Committee as well as part of the Guild's LGBTQ+ Caucus, Adam is a fervent supporter of equity and visibility for those in the media. 


Despite having launched over seven years ago and having long been touted as “the next big thing” in social media, most seasoned journalists I talk to still have never used Snapchat, and if they have, they do not understand how it can be used to reach younger media consumers. 


The 46-member board of the union encourages national and New York state lawmakers to pursue different avenues of recourse for protecting a free press. 


From Nieman Reports | Journalists are saying yes to unions to lift salary floors, win or improv basic benefits, and provide some cushion to the industry' volatility.


The application process for the CWA Joe Beirne Foundation’s scholarship for the 2019-2020 school year will close on April 30, 2019. The Foundation will award of sixteen partial college scholarships of $4,000 each for two years. Eligible for the scholarships are CWA members, their spouses, children, and grandchildren, including the dependents of retired, laid-off, or deceased members.


This year the membership of The NewsGuild-CWA will elect the President of The NewsGuild sector of CWA. The election will be conducted among all Guild members in good standing, in accordance with the Constitutional requirement of Article XXII.


The NewsGuild of New York seeks an experienced NYC-based organizer to join its organizing team. The organizer will report to the Organizing Director, and will work directly with staff on various internal and external organizing initiatives in the media sector.


New York Magazine announced today that it will be implementing a “restructuring” and staff reduction, which impacts eight full-time and 16 part-time NewsGuild bargaining unit members.