Who We Are

The NewsGuild of New York is the union for news professionals in America’s media capital. We are the workplace advocate for people in the media business, including some of the best journalists in the country.

The national NewsGuild is the largest union for news professionals — and we are its biggest local, fearlessly representing nearly 3,000 journalists and other media employees at New York-based media organizations and their respective bureaus. We understand journalism, from print to digital to broadcast.

Our guiding principle, as stated in The NewsGuild constitution, is to raise the standards of journalism and ethics in the industry. Our mission is to advance the economic interests and improve the working conditions of our members.

The Guild is committed to guaranteeing, through collective bargaining, equal employment and opportunity in the news industry and constant honesty in news, editorials, advertising, and business practices. We are a community of professionals, and encourage cooperation and collective action.

Launched in 1934 by crusading columnist Heywood Broun and others, the Guild is the workplace voice for print, photo, video and digital journalists, as well as for employees in advertising, circulation and other related areas.

In addition, we provide resources for journalists including panels, workshops and networking events. The Guild understands that in an ever-changing media landscape, it is important to support professional development and encourage discussion about the issues facing news professionals today.


Richard Perez-Pena

Reporter, New York Times

"I've worked in non-union shops where the pay was lousy, the benefits were lousy, there was no protection from the whims of bosses, there wasn't much camaraderie among the employees, and people couldn't wait to move on. I know that I and the people around me are better off dealing with management as part of a unified team with rights, rather than as individuals with little power, who can be played off against each other."

Erik Piepenburg

Senior Theater Editor, New York Times

"So much of the digital world involves being on call for what feels like 24-hours-a-day, with a news cycle that never stops. One of the biggest differences for me and my digital colleagues is that the NewsGuild has our back, understands the need for a balance between work and life, and makes sure we’re properly compensated for the time that we work. Being represented by the Guild has made a huge difference for us."

Hilary Russ

Journalist, Reuters

“One of the NewsGuild’s biggest strengths is that they understand the journalism business so well. We all want to do the best journalism we can. And it’s important to know that it’s not just about a contract… the Guild wants to make sure that their journalists are doing the best work that they can. And that’s important to me because I care about the quality of the work that I do.”