LOCAL BULLETIN - Guild President Bill O’Meara, Secretary-Treasurer Peter Szekely and all but one of the members of their slate were given their final certification as elected officers late Thursday by a Local Elections Committee that rejected 21 challenges to last month’s voting results and declared itself the exclusive first-step referee of election disputes.


LOCAL BULLETIN - We've just come through a vigorously fought election in which we were chosen to continue leading the Guild. To the 53 percent of voting members who cast their ballots for us, thank you. To the 47 percent of voting members who wanted to go in a different direction, we know we have work to do. And to the vast majority of you, the 75 percent of members who didn't vote at all, you are our biggest challenge.


LOCAL BULLETIN - Guild President Bill O’Meara and Secretary-Treasurer Peter Szekely were narrowly re-elected on Thursday to new three-year terms in the first contested election at the Newspaper Guild of New York in 31 years. O’Meara and Szekely each emerged with about 53 percent of the votes in their respective races.


LOCAL BULLETIN - At a meeting of the local’s Representative Assembly on Tuesday, two opposing slates of candidates were nominated, one headed by the incumbent leaders, Guild President Bill O’Meara and Secretary-Treasurer Peter Szekely, and the other led by Grant Glickson of The New York Times, who is running for president, and Tony Barone of Reuters, who is running for secretary-treasurer. The three-year term begins Jan. 2, 2014.


BULLETIN - President Bill O’Meara is pleased to announce that the Guild, in collaboration with Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, will be spearheading an education and training series that will assist in developing skills, strategies and techniques.  The workshop will take place over the four weeks starting Wednesday October 16, 2013.


LOCAL BULLETIN - Bernice Rohret, the Guild’s membership chair at Time Inc., was named the 2013 winner of the Guild’s Keenan Award from a field of high-quality nominees for her relentless efforts to sign up new members at the unit’s open shop. The award will be presented at the Guild's semi-annual membership meeting on Thursday, June 20 at 6:30 p.m.


Guild members at The Times, Times Digital and WQXR would rather pay more to preserve their current health care structure and accept lower benefits than be reassigned to the company’s management-controlled non-Guild plan, a Guild survey showed.


BULLETIN - The Guild is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for its annual service award, named in honor of the late Tom Keenan. Each year, the Keenan Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of a Guild member. Nominations, which can be made by any member, are open until Friday, May 31 at 6 p.m. EDT.


BULLETIN - Full scholarship applications for union members and their families pursuing degrees at Empire State College of the State University of New York are now being accepted for the 2013-2014 academic year. Also, Mabel Rodriguez of the Standard & Poor’s unit has been elected to fill a vacancy on the New York Guild’s 24-member Executive Committee.


LOCAL BULLETIN - The New York Guild’s Representative Assembly (RA) has named Mabel Rodriguez of Standard and Poor’s as its candidate to fill a vacancy on the 24-member Executive Committee. The space was created by the departure of Ed Fannon, who left the Executive Committee when he retired from his job at Standard & Poor’s in December. She was nominated without opposition.


BULLETIN - Karen Rohan, Foreign Policy Association editor in chief and a long-time Guild activist, has become the New York Guild's new local chairperson, following the retirement of Ed Fannon. In addition, New York Times unit First Vice Chair Nadia Taha, has joined the Executive Committee, also to fill a vacancy. The remaining portions of Rohan's and Taha's terms expire on Jan. 1.


LOCAL BULLETIN - The New York Guild’s Representative Assembly (RA) named First Vice President Karen Rohan of Foreign Policy Association as its candidate for local chairperson to replace Ed Fannon, who left the Executive Committee when he retired from his job at Standard & Poor’s in December. Also nominated at the March 19 RA meeting was Nadia Taha of The New York Times to fill a vacancy on the 24-member Executive Committee.


LOCAL BULLETIN - Guild members and the Guild raised a combined $6980 to help CWA members(including Guild members) whose homes and property were lost or damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Also, the Guild is raising the maximum salary on which dues are assessed to $2150 per week from $2045, effective April 1.


LOCAL BULLETIN - The following slate of delegates and alternates to the upcoming 2013 Sector Conference of the Newspaper Guild and the 2013 Communications Workers of America Convention have been officially elected.