Foreign Policy Association's Karen Rohan becomes local chair


Karen Rohan, Foreign Policy Association editor in chief and a long-time Guild activist, has become the New York Guild's new local chairperson.
Karen Rohan

         Karen Rohan

Rohan, who had been the local's first vice president and has served on its Executive Committee since 1995, was declared elected to the local's top rank-and-file position on March 27, when no other candidates filed petitions to challenge her by the end of business that day. She was nominated without opposition at a Representative Assembly (RA) meeting on March 19.
Also nominated without opposition at the same RA meeting to fill an Executive Committee vacancy was Nadia Taha of The Times. Taha was also declared elected.
As local chair, Rohan will preside over the 24-member Executive Committee and general membership meetings. She succeeds Ed Fannon, who left the Executive Committee shortly after he retired from Standard & Poor’s in December.
Rohan, who is also a former unit chair at Foreign Policy Association, and Taha, who is first vice chairperson of The Times unit, will serve the remaining portions of their respective terms, which expire on Jan. 1, 2014

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