This month’s election results increase the chances that the Employee Free Choice Act – and the empowerment it will bring to workers who want a union – will become the law of the land. But it still faces a tough battle. So, a strong show of support from people like you may make all the difference.


With the economy shrinking and the news business in turmoil, the Newspaper Guild of New York on Tuesday created an organizing fund aimed at increasing its presence in the media-dense city and securing its future as an advocate for news employees and their craft.


Nancy Bachrach, winner of the local’s Tom Keenan Guild Service Award this year and treasurer of The New York Times unit, is the newest member of our Local Executive Committee (EC).


Another demand made by management in the healthcare discussions was the right to end the Guild-Times Pension Plan for new hires. Instead, new hires would get a defined contribution plan of some kind. We don’t know what kind because the company won’t tell us.


The Guild has been meeting in special negotiations with management for more than two years in an attempt to solve the Benefits Fund’s dilemma: rapidly escalating health care costs that far outstrip income provided by The Times.


As previously reported, the Benefits Fund is currently spending more to provide benefits each month than it receives in income from payments made by The Times, employees, retirees and dependents.


The Guild last week unveiled a package of benefit restructuring and cash infusions from members to rescue the financially troubled independent health benefits fund that pays the medical and dental claims of members at The Times, Times Digital and WQXR.


Guild members at The Times, Times Digital and WQXR would rather pay more to preserve their current health care structure and accept lower benefits than be reassigned to the company’s management-controlled non-Guild plan, a Guild survey showed.


We’ve scheduled meetings around the United States so Guild members can learn about and ratify our contract proposals in advance of negotiations, which are set to begin by the end of October.

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