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As federal, state and local leadership grapple with what it means to re-open, many of us are facing deep concerns about safely returning to offices and workspaces where companies have yet to institute appropriate measures to guarantee the safety of workers.


We represent employees from every facet of The New York Times, from editorial to business, from specific departments to ERGs. We come to this meeting with a mandate for sustained change and urgency to engage in a very necessary and long-overdue discussion about how to improve the working experience of Black, Indigenous and people of color at the Times, BIPOC@NYT.


The Debra E. Bernhardt prize is an award of $1,000 given for an article that furthers the understanding of the history of working people.  Articles focused on historical events and articles about current issues (work, housing, organizing, health, education) that include historical context are both welcome. The work should be published in print or online between August 26, 2019 and August 30, 2020.


Today, the New Yorker Union is undertaking a half-day work stoppage. From 9 A.M. to 1 P.M., union members will not participate in the production or the promotion of content for the print magazine or the Web site. We are withholding our labor to demand just cause in our contract, and in protest of management’s resistance to our proposal and refusal to provide us with information necessary for bargaining. If we do not receive a sufficient response from management on our just-cause proposal, we will be forced to take further action.


Our guiding principle, as a union, is to raise the standards of journalism and ethics in the industry. Our mission as Guild activists and leaders is to advance the economic interests and improve the working conditions of our members. That’s why, on Thursday, June 25, we’re launching a Local-wide Day of Action for #JustCauseNoExceptions.



At our Summer Membership Meeting on June 24, 2020, Dan Neuburger of People Magazine will be honored with the 2020 Thomas M. Keenan NewsGuild of New York Service Award. The Guild’s annual honor is presented to a long-serving member who has performed above and beyond in service to our union and who best exemplifies the ideals of a true labor leader.


Today, the Pitchfork Union is engaging in a half-day work stoppage. From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST, union members will not publish or promote any new content on the website in protest of a blatant act of union-busting by Condé Nast and Pitchfork management.


From The Daily Beast | Employees at the music and culture site Pitchfork are staging a work stoppage in protest of what they say are anti-union initiatives taken by the publication and its parent company, magazine publisher Condé Nast.



From The Daily Beast | Employees at Maven Media Brands, the U.S. digital-media publisher that owns outlets like Sports Illustrated and Maxim, are calling upon the company to cut ties with a Blue Lives Matter website in its portfolio.