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Safety concerns have always been a part of being a journalist, or any media worker, especially for those working from volatile parts of the world. But today’s highly-polarized political climate in the United States has put a renewed focus on the potential perils that come with the job. Whether you are in a war zone, covering a political rally, or commuting to and from the office, we have are a few tips to keep in mind that can help you stay safe. 


Last month, media corporation Tronc dealt yet another blow to journalism, slashing half of the New York Daily News newsroom and bringing the total number of reporters covering a city of more than 8 million to just 45. This was an attack not only on the editorial workers who shine a light on the institutions of New York City, but a continued war of attrition on local journalists that is robbing New Yorkers of a source of accountability and information. Tronc continues to mine its newsroom for profit and profit alone.


One of the Guild’s newer members, Zach Howe was part of the organizing committee that ushered the union into Mic’s newsroom earlier this year. A copy editor and an organizer, Howe grew up in a family that read the dictionary at dinner and loves words. Read more and get to know Zach. 


Despite all the news coverage of Facebook users having their information accessed by companies like Cambridge Analytica, you may not have had a chance yet to look into ways of protecting your privacy. While the only way to fully protect your privacy is to quit Facebook altogether, a few simple steps can be taken to prevent your private data from being shared unwillingly, as well as improve your general privacy when using the app. 


Today Tronc delivered yet another devastating blow to the media industry. In its decision to lay off 50 percent of The Daily News’ editorial staff, Tronc’s management has sent a dangerous message to the public: journalism doesn’t matter.


The union’s top officers, including Local Chairperson and First Vice President, were up for election. 


The NewsGuild of New York stands with Reuters journalists Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, who have been unjustly charged with breaching Myanmar’s archaic Official Secrets Act. 


In a nomination meeting at the Roosevelt Institute on June 29, 2018, one Guild member was nominated to fill the open Unit Chair position.