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The NewsGuild of New York, CWA Local 31003, with a membership as diverse as our city, seeks an experienced Local Representative with bargaining experience ready to represent members working in a rapidly changing media industry. Applicants should be ready to hit the ground running to advocate for, communicate with, and organize news industry employees in America’s media capital.


As a media professional, in particular reporters and fact-checkers, if you’re just using social media to promote your stories, you’re not using it to its full potential. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are also great tools for finding sources, building relationships that can prove beneficial in the long run and staying on top of your particular beat in real-time and more. But as with anything to do with social media, one must tread carefully and maintain traditional journalistic standards. The following are simple ways you can maximize the value of social media as a reporter without getting yourself into any trouble.


You might recognize Stephanie Brumsey, NewsGuild member and a producer at Reuters. Maybe not because of her work at Reuters (she works off camera after all), but you might have seen her on stage somewhere in the city. Surely, if she wasn’t working in the media industry, she’d be acting. Though her road to journalism hasn’t been so clear cut, this actor-turned-media-professional had her sights set on the law originally. The then-freshman at Stony Brook University was ready to take her love of John Grisham novels and the urge to practice law and apply it to a psychology degree. Learn more about Stephanie! 


From The Advocate | This New York union is pushing for gender expression protections in newsrooms, so journalists better represent who they report on.


From CJR | The reasons for unionizing haven’t changed much in the last 80 years. 


The NewsGuild of New York is pleased to announce nominations are open for the 2018 Keenan Service Award, named in honor of the late Tom Keenan, a stalwart Guild activist.


The NewsGuild of New York has vacancies for the position of Local Chairperson and for the position of First Vice President.


In a nomination meeting at the Roosevelt Institute on April 30, 2018, one Guild member was nominated to fill the open Unit Chair position. Member Jade Wilenchik was nominated to serve as chair. Additional nominees may be made under the following rule, which can be found within. 


Fun fact about Scholastic’s Jorge Escobar, in addition to his love for traveling and passion for biking around the city (which, he noted, is his version of meditation and stress relief): he knows Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” pretty well. So well, in fact, that he’s on a dance troupe that comes together each Halloween to perform the number. Get to know Jorge with our 10-Question series.  


We are pleased to announce that management of The New Republic has voluntarily recognized our union, The NewsGuild of New York, as our collective bargaining representative. We have reached an agreement on a bargaining unit that we believe is appropriate.