Dear members:


On June 26, Global Election Services conducted the official vote count for our dues referendum in our Times Square office. Out of 1,828 ballots received, 1,229 were YES votes and 599 were NO


These results mean our union will continue to be strong enough for the fights ahead – negotiating new or successor agreements, enforcing current contracts and building power in our ranks to secure better working conditions.  Your vote to make permanent our current dues rate of 1.75% will ensure our union remains strong for future generations of journalists and workers we represent.  We are proud that our union came together in this democratic process, regardless of how you voted, and ultimately decided to invest in the future of our union.  As always our doors are open to all of our members and we are here to discuss any and all questions you have.


In solidarity,

Susan DeCarava, President of the NewsGuild of New York 

Anthony Napoli, Treasurer

Life-saving news needs a stimulus

News-gathering operations are essential for a well-functioning society, especially in times of crisis. However, many newsrooms have been reduced to skeletal staffs and some have disappeared altogether. The NewsGuild Executive Council unanimously passed a resolution calling for federal, state, provincial, and local governments to provide public funds to sustain news operations. Public stimulus funds are quite possibly the only way to ensure long-term viability for these vital news-gathering operations. Learn more here. 

Combatting Sexual Harassment Together

Read the Executive Committee's letter to the local's membership on the union's commitment to protect and defend any member who might be dealing with harassment in the workplace. Additionally, find out how the Guild can be of service to its members in such situations and how, as coworkers, we can comfort and assist anyone dealing with harassment.  

Organize With Us

Democracy depends on journalism, and there’s no better time for media organizations to unionize.

Guild Stronger - Testimonials

Vicki Crosson

Times Tech

"A YES vote will help us to support all shops (from the new and underground shops to those that have existed for decades) become powerhouses with strong contracts and strong protections!"

Nish Suvarnakar

Consumer Reports

"I'm voting yes because raising the dues worked. We've added more shops in the last three years than we did in the previous 4. More members are organizing and choosing collective power in the workplace, legacy shops are securing their strongest contracts, and new shops are adding provisions to contracts that envision a more inclusive and flexible workplace. Keeping the dues rate permanent ensures we will have a strong, fighting union for the years to come."

Juan-Carlos Rodriguez


"Management is never going to get easier to deal with. We need to make sure that the Guild is sufficiently funded to support our union work, from contract bargaining to strikes. This referendum keeps us on the right path. I'm voting yes because I believe in supporting the strongest Guild possible and showing management we will never back down!"

Richard Handel

Consumer Reports

"I want the News Guild of NY to be strong and financially stable so it can fight for our benefits now and in the future."

Carrie Price

Times Tech

"I am so grateful for all the work the local does to help ensure our members have what we need to build a better workplace. Our dues make it possible for that work to continue and helps create opportunities for other workers trying to unionize like we did."

Goran Svorcan-Merola

Times Tech

"I'm voting yes because I believe part of what will keep our unit strong is having a strong local, and that takes money for resources for each unit. We at Times Tech have been getting help from the local for almost 6 years now as we've got from inception to recognition and now zeroing in on a contract without having paid a cent in dues. I'd love for the opportunity to pay that forward to other shops once we ratify our contract and am excited to keep our local strong for even more wins in the future!"

Sierra Saitta

The New York Times

"I'm voting yes because the union is all of us and we get out what we put in. A strong union requires investment from us all."

David Klopfenstein

Times Tech

"I want our local to be strong, with the resources it needs. I want to pay it forward to workers who want to organize!"

Hailey Konnath


"I'm voting yes on the dues referendum because a strong, fighting union like ours needs the resources to organize new shops, stand up to big corporations at the bargaining table and enforce our fantastic contracts. I've reaped the benefits of the NewsGuild of New York's incredible staff, expertise and other resources both as a member of an organizing committee and as a member of a bargaining committee. We could've never won the union election at my first shop nor achieve the groundbreaking contract at my second shop without the power of the NewsGuild of New York behind us. We need these dues so we can continue to fight the boss (and win!) and keep our incredible momentum going."

NEW YORK –  Unionized journalists at Lifehacker, Mashable, and PCMag are prepared to walk out for the duration of Amazon’s July Prime Day Event, July 16 and 17, unless parent company Ziff Davis agrees to a fair contract.

The NewsGuild of New York—CWA Local 31003, with a membership as diverse as our city, seeks experienced, New York City-based Local Representatives with organizing, bargaining, and strike experience who is ready to work alongside and coach media workers as we collectively build power in a rapidly changing industry. 

NEW YORK – Unionized Black tech workers at The New York Times are paid 26% less than their white counterparts, according to a new study of wages by the Times Tech Guild and The NewsGuild of New York.  

NEW YORK – NewsGuild of New York-represented staff at Condé Nast brands such as Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue, Glamour, Bon Appétit and more on Tuesday overwhelmingly ratified a three-year contract with the publisher.

October 10, 2023 — Members of the Reviewed Union, which represents workers at Gannett’s flagship consumer review site, will walk off the job on Amazon’s Prime Big Deal Days event today in protest of management’s failure to schedule bargaining dates and revocation of overtime pay from hourly employees after the announcement of the union last year. The Reviewed Union is one of more than 50 Gannett bargaining units represented by The NewsGuild-CWA.

NEW YORK – In response to Gannett’s second quarter earnings call this morning, where the company announced that digital subscription revenue had returned to growth over the past three months, Gannett union members and NewsGuild leadership released the following statements. The NewsGuild-CWA represents more than 50 Gannett bargaining units, covering more than 1,000 employees.