2019 Winter Membership Meeting

Join us at our Winter Membership meeting on January 23, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. Hear from The New York Times’ David Barstow, Susanne Craig and Russ Buettner on how they untangled decades’ worth of complicated tax maneuvers that led to a bombshell report that alleged that Donald Trump helped hide millions of dollars in gifts from his parents and engaged in “instances of outright fraud.” Additionally we will hear from union officials and present the Guild's Trailblazer Awards. RSVP here

New York Mag Editorial Workers have Unionized!

The editorial workers of New York Mag—including the Cut, Vulture, Intelligencer, Grub Street, and Strategist—announced their unionization effort and asked management to voluntarily recognize the NewsGuild of New York as their bargaining agent. Welcome to the NY Guild, NY Mag Union! Learn more.

Combatting Sexual Harassment Together

Read the Executive Committee's letter to the local's membership on the union's commitment to protect and defend any member who might be dealing with harassment in the workplace. Additionally, find out how the Guild can be of service to its members in such situations and how, as coworkers, we can comfort and assist anyone dealing with harassment.  

Stephanie Brumsey

Get to know Stephanie Brumsey of Reuters, how her careers has evolved as a producer, and why the Guild community of peers is vital to her professional development.

Organize With Us

Democracy depends on journalism, and there’s no better time for media organizations to unionize.


Hilary Russ

Journalist, Reuters

“One of the NewsGuild’s biggest strengths is that they understand the journalism business so well. We all want to do the best journalism we can. And it’s important to know that it’s not just about a contract… the Guild wants to make sure that their journalists are doing the best work that they can. And that’s important to me because I care about the quality of the work that I do.”

Kia Johnson

Producer, Reuters

"Guild membership is important to push back on management policies that affect our members’ financial well-being, health care, and work-life balance."

A.O. Scott

Critic, New York Times

"...The value of our work is always in danger of being undermined or taken for granted, and the only way we can protect it is together."

Sami Diaz

Senior Development Associate, Roosevelt Institute

"With the Guild, you have such a strong community you can turn to, both in your workplace and in the larger network of like-minded people."

Ken Belson

NFL Writer, New York Times

"Unity is critical in a business where the bosses are trying to slash costs, take away benefits and gut morale with continuous layoffs and buyouts." 

Alex Press

Assistant Editor, Jacobin

"The Guild’s a structure connected to my work, but not aligned with the interests of my employer, which means I know they have my back. Unions are just the word we use to describe the power that comes from workers acting collectively, and that power is multiplied way beyond what my small shop could achieve because we’re connected to all the other publications represented by the Guild. And that’s a hell of a lot better than trying to navigate this industry on my own!"

Sindhu Sundar

Features Reporter, Law360

"At a time of cutbacks and layoffs in corporate-controlled media organizations, journalists need reliable support infrastructure to protect functional working conditions and to give them a feasible way to seek recourse if needed." 

Sarah Leonard

Senior Editor, The Nation

"Union protections allow us to speak our minds at work, whether or not we think our boss will agree. That makes for a far better and more interesting newsroom."

Management of The Forward, a long-standing union publication, has announced that in addition to ceasing its 121-year-old print edition, they will lay off 40 percent of editorial employees to become a more “digitally-focused” publication.

From The Wrap | Mic.com has begun quietly publishing again just weeks after the company laid off its entire editorial staff and sold itself off to Bustle Media for $5 million.

The European Union is considering a set of changes to digital copyright that are, well, quite controversial. One of those would require Google and other platforms to pay publishers for the right to display anything more than the tiniest snippet of a story in its search results or elsewhere. (Many, many details are both TBD...

WhatsApp’s forwarding feature allows users to forward messages from one group or chat to another group or chat. It’s a convenient way to spread text, links, and images quickly — and also, not surprisingly, a way that false information can spread fast. Now the company is placing a limit on forwarded messages worldwide, expanding a...

Welcome to Hot Pod, a newsletter about podcasts. This is issue 192, published January 22, 2019. Pinna stands alone. This morning, Graham Holdings announced that Pinna — the kids programming-focused paid listening service that originally launched in 2017 under the Panoply umbrella — is being spun out into a standalone company. The new entity will...

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