NYGuild Members Overwhelmingly Support Bylaws Changes in Landslide Vote


NYGuild Members Overwhelmingly Support Bylaws Changes in Landslide Vote

In a landslide decision of 807 for and 176 against, 82% of voters approved a referendum updating The NewsGuild of New York’s bylaws. The resounding vote demonstrated  the overwhelming support and urgency to continue growing a democratic, member-led, fighting union. 

The referendum memorializes the union's long-standing practice of protecting the right of union members in newly organized shops to participate in their unions’ democratic processes, including having a seat on the local's executive board and having the right to vote in local elections. The referendum also updated the size and structure of unit councils, the governing bodies in each bargaining unit, and more clearly defined the roles of unit councils and officers. Additionally, the referendum streamlines and modernizes the process for elections by allowing for unit councils and unit officers to be elected by email or in person, rather than requiring a costly third-party vendor to run the election.

"During the past several years, the NewsGuild of New York has organized thousands of workers all across the media industry, winning key workplace demands and raising the industry standard,” said Susan DeCarava, president of the NewsGuild of New York. "This referendum is another step in our union's evolution. It affirms that all members—including those who are fighting hard for first contracts—will continue to have a say in our democratic process and will create the organizational  infrastructure we need to continue to grow and effectively fight for better newsrooms, better workplaces, and better industry standards."

This bylaws vote comes on the heels of a resounding  local-wide vote last summer to increase dues to support more organizing and contract campaigns. That vote marked the first dues increase in the local's 88 year history.

The NewsGuild has seen a flurry of successes over the last two years, settling first contracts at The New Yorker, Ars Technica, Pitchfork, Wirecutter, New York Magazine, Buzzfeed News, Sports Illustrated, ZiffDavis, TIME and WIRED as well as successor agreements at Consumer Reports, Jacobin, Daily Beast, and the Jewish Telegraph Agency.

“This vote reflects a resounding commitment on the part of our membership to continuing to build the most democratic, participatory and transparent union possible.” said Jody Godoy, Reuters member and Local Chair of the Guild’s Executive Committee. “I'm moved by how many union colleagues engaged in thoughtful discussions, provided feedback in this process and overwhelmingly voted in support of these long overdue changes. I'm looking forward to building towards our Guild Strong future alongside them.”

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