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The agreement includes significant pay increases for editorial staff, a more robust time off package and stronger statement of equal opportunity employment. 


From The Daily News | After a tough, three-year battle, NewsGuild of New York journalists at Thomson Reuters ratified a new contract Thursday evening. The deal will remain in effect through December 2020, and it covers roughly 400 reporters, producers and other staffers, the Guild said.


After three years without a contract, NewsGuild members garnered wage increases, an increased parental leave package and improved compensation for intrusive work schedules. 


You don’t need me to throw statistics at you about how influential social media is for news organizations and individual journalists. But I will anyway. A Cision study from this year found that “90 percent of respondents use social media for work at least once a week and 48 percent could not successfully complete their work without social media.”


On Dec. 6, 2017, members of the New York Times unit of the NewsGuild of New York, the union that represents close to 3,000 media professionals working in the New York City metro area, voted to approve a new contract with the New York Times.The previous contract had expired in March 2016.


From MediaShift: Are you in a newsroom right now? Take a look at your social media team. What are they doing? Most likely, they’re posting stories from your staff on Twitter and Facebook. They’re checking Google Analytics or or Chartbeat to see if those links are successfully penetrating the fickle social media universe. They’re explaining to another young reporter why she needs to change the name on her Twitter account to, well, anything else but @FoxyGrrrl15.


On Sunday, the Meredith Corporation announced that with the financial backing of Koch Equity Development the company will acquire Time Inc. There is a never an appropriate time to sell a trusted journalistic institution to a conservative-backed private equity corporation.


You’d be surprised by how many professionals, including journalists, use Twitter but are unaware of some simple, yet crucial best practices. The following tips can help you set a solid foundation for which to build an effective social media presence on.


What is A.O. Scott’s critique of the news business? It needs “fewer meetings,” and a stronger “sense of adventure” to start, Scott said in an email interview as part of our “10 Questions” series. Oh, and “no more whiteboards.”