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A missive to the New York Times: "I thought we had something special, but it turns out she never really loved me at all."


Guild member Bill Hooper's grasp on Time Inc.'s history is more than personal. It's almost paternal.


Protest signs have a way of going straight to the heart of a matter, cutting extraneous words to convey information in a way that’s clear and concise, but never dull. They’re poster-board illustrations of what copy editors do on a grand scale every day, meticulous work that is as vital to journalism as reporting itself.


Leading a union of journalists is a unique challenge in the arena of labor advocacy, where nothing is as powerful as solidarity.


Following a letter sent yesterday from copy editors to Times management, reporters join the fight to save copy and photo editor positions and protect the New York Times' brand 


With jobs on the line, Guild members express their frustration with the treatment, lack of transparency and overall betrayal of Times’ management. 


Ken Belson has been on the N.F.L. beat for the New York Times since 2013, and he has covered six Super Bowls and three Olympics. But the untold stories off the field that affect athletes' lives are the ones Belson seeks out the most.


REUTERS - For most of us, integrity means that when we give our word on something, we intend to keep it. It’s a core value of the Reuters Trust Principles that Guild journalists at Reuters embrace. So why is management, despite committing to a collective bargaining agreement, repeatedly ignoring absolutely clear language limiting what it can do?


For NewsGuild Members: Rules for the nomination and election of 8 positions as delegates to the 2017 CWA convention and 12 positions as delegates to the 2017 TNG-CWA convention. 


Reuters NewsGuild members, in their third year without a contract, boost job actions nationwide.