Though the NewsGuild of New York is disappointed to learn of the potential sale of Time Inc. to the Meredith Corporation because of its questionable union history, we are alarmed that this possible deal is backed by conservative, anti-worker billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch.


From the Daily News: For 29 years, Grant Glickson commuted into the city to get to his job at The New York Times. Since January, his trip from Long Island into Times Square has remained almost exactly the same, but with one key difference: The office he occupies is a few blocks up from his old employer, and where he once dedicated himself to paginating The Times, he is now focused on getting a new contract for the reporters whose work fills the paper.


NewGuild of New York's President Grant Glickson's statement on Joe Ricketts abrupt decision to close Gothamist and DNAInfo. 


Whether it’s been with The Nation, where she is a senior editor, Dissent, the book she co-edited with Jacobin’s founder Bhaskar Sunkara, “The Future We Want: Radical Ideas for the New Century,” or elsewhere, Leonard has leant her talents to promote ideas that make people’s lives better, including in the area of labor rights. We wanted to get to know Leonard a bit better by asking her these 10 questions. 


Whether you’re thinking about a new job or not or even just networking, the following tips will help you get the most out of LinkedIn, and will make your life a lot easier should you begin exploring new opportunities.


Hopefully you’ve noticed that the Guild is ramping up its programming efforts. From media mixers to classes that improve your tech skills, our local is working hard to engage members and help you develop the ever-evolving skills required of media professionals.


From the AP, appearing in the Los Angeles Times: Google is ending "first click free," a policy loathed by publishers and media because it required them to provide a limited amount of free content before users of the world's biggest search engine could be asked to pay for it.


The app store of any smartphone can be an overwhelming place, and if you’re a media professional, you don’t have time to sift through the thousands of apps that could make your job a lot easier. For people like you, here are eight of the most effective apps for journalists and other media professionals.


How Kia Johnson became a producer for Reuters had a lot to do with the process of elimination. “My strategy was to rule out math and science based careers, naturally.” Johnson said. “I then evaluated what I enjoyed studying and excelled in.” Find out more. 


Nominations are now being accepted for Consumer Reports' Unit Chair. 


From Poynter: A just-released study offers striking confirmation that for many journalists, data-based reporting has become more ingrained in the newsroom.


The Guild is looking for an experienced, self-motivated organizer to work primarily on media organizing drives in the NYC metropolitan area.


Smartphones have gotten smaller, then bigger, then smaller again, but one thing has remained the same over the last several years: they take high quality photos. High quality is one thing, but that doesn’t make every photo worthy of publication in the media world. 


From the Pew Research Center: People deal in varying ways with tensions about what information to trust and how much they want to learn. Some are interested and engaged with information; others are wary and stressed.


These comments stemmed from Trump’s anger-fueled rant, when he said, “It’s time to expose the media … for their role in fomenting divisions in the country.” And, “[The media] are trying to take away our history and heritage … we’re smart people and these are truly dishonest people.”

What’s frightening to me isn’t just our president’s shocking, naive disregard for the First Amendment. What’s scary—truly horrifying—is that his attitude, his ideals, are sticking with about one-third of the population, according to polls. 


Raised in Guilford, Connecticut, a suburb outside of New Haven, Jack Dickey came to the Big Apple to attend Columbia University. He started as a staff writer for Deadspin, then moved onto TIME and is now at Sports Illustrated


Monday, July 31 marked a sobering milestone: the day to which black women have to work in 2017 in order to earn a salary equivalent to that of their white male counterparts last year. 



For just about six years, member Sindhu Sundar has reported legal news at one of newest shops, Law360. Having relocated from Singapore to the Big Apple, Sundar enrolled in the graduate NYU Journalism program, which, she noted, marked an irrevocable career change. (After all, she studied mechanical engineering at the National University of Singapore.)


A missive to the New York Times: "I thought we had something special, but it turns out she never really loved me at all."


Guild member Bill Hooper's grasp on Time Inc.'s history is more than personal. It's almost paternal.


Protest signs have a way of going straight to the heart of a matter, cutting extraneous words to convey information in a way that’s clear and concise, but never dull. They’re poster-board illustrations of what copy editors do on a grand scale every day, meticulous work that is as vital to journalism as reporting itself.


Leading a union of journalists is a unique challenge in the arena of labor advocacy, where nothing is as powerful as solidarity.


Following a letter sent yesterday from copy editors to Times management, reporters join the fight to save copy and photo editor positions and protect the New York Times' brand 


With jobs on the line, Guild members express their frustration with the treatment, lack of transparency and overall betrayal of Times’ management. 


Ken Belson has been on the N.F.L. beat for the New York Times since 2013, and he has covered six Super Bowls and three Olympics. But the untold stories off the field that affect athletes' lives are the ones Belson seeks out the most.


REUTERS - For most of us, integrity means that when we give our word on something, we intend to keep it. It’s a core value of the Reuters Trust Principles that Guild journalists at Reuters embrace. So why is management, despite committing to a collective bargaining agreement, repeatedly ignoring absolutely clear language limiting what it can do?


For NewsGuild Members: Rules for the nomination and election of 8 positions as delegates to the 2017 CWA convention and 12 positions as delegates to the 2017 TNG-CWA convention. 


Reuters NewsGuild members, in their third year without a contract, boost job actions nationwide. 


Guild President Grant Glickson asks, "Why would the New York Times want to join the sorry parade of other American newsrooms that have cut out the last, best line of defense against errors: The newsroom copy desk and the eagle-eyed editors who staff it?" 


On June 6, 2017, during the Guild’s Membership Meeting, Francis “Frank” Reynolds, NewsGuild Unit Chair at The Nation Magazine, will be awarded the 2017 Thomas M. Keenan NewsGuild of New York Service Award. 


Ana B. Nieto has been covering the Latino community in the United States for several years now, including the past three-plus years at El Diario.


The Guild is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for its annual service award, named in honor of the late Tom Keenan. Each year, the Keenan Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of a Guild member. Nominations, which can be made by any member, are open until Monday, May 15 at 6 p.m. EDT


An agreement reached by The Newspaper Guild of New York and the New York Times Company in August 1997, marked the first digital news organization to be unionized in the country. 


The nomination and election to fill four Executive Committee vacancies were adopted by the local election committee on April 22. 


Reporter Luciana Lopez has been at Reuters since 2009, after a stint at the Oregonian in Portland. Get to know Lopez a bit better with our 10 questions.


Guild member Richard Perez-Pena has been a professional journalist for 32 years, but did you know he is also a five-time Jeopardy champion? We got to know Perez-Pena better with 10 Questions. 


The NewsGuild seeks a Communications Director with journalism or public relations experience, as well as demonstrated experience within the labor movement.


The Roosevelt Institute, a think tank bringing together multiple generations of thinkers and leaders to help drive key economic and social debates, has agreed to voluntarily recognize staff members’ decision to unionize and the selection of the NewsGuild of New York to be their collective bargaining representative.


The barrage of lies and slander raining down on America’s journalists is having unintended consequences for the perpetrators: Subscriptions are soaring as news organizations pour resources into political and investigative reporting.


Since there is still no statutory federal anti-discrimination protection for LGBT workers, a union contract is often the best defense. Unions can play a significant role in protecting marginalized minorities at times when government is indifferent or hostile.


Did you know that as a member of the NewsGuild, you have free access to training tools provided by Lynda.com and KelbyOne.com? The CWA provides full access so you can keep your skills current, with continued training in computer programs like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Excel and many more. 


PRESS RELEASE: The staff of the Roosevelt Institute, a think tank founded to honor and advance the vision of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, has moved to unionize. The Institute’s employees have submitted a petition for voluntary recognition to senior management, indicating their intent to unionize with the NewsGuild of New York, CWA Local 31003.


PRESIDENT’S CORNER – Grant Glickson, the Guild’s new president, looks at the formidable challenges facing unions and journalists today, but reminds people that both are survivors: “No matter how much opposition we’ve faced, we are still here. As unions, we are still organizing and educating and building networks of solidarity… And journalists are still overcoming whatever obstacles get in the way of investigating, reporting and publishing stories that hold government to account.”


In a letter to members, new New York Guild President Grant Glickson gives an overview of his plans and goals as he sets out to grow and strengthen the union. "Change brings new possibilities and opportunities," he writes. "As I have met with many of you in the past few weeks, I have been moved by your energy and enthusiasm. You embody the fighting spirit that is essential to becoming an even stronger union with a more powerful voice -- a voice that management can’t ignore."

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