Editorial staff at Jacobin, a Brooklyn-based print and online magazine that offers socialist perspectives on politics and culture, have joined The NewsGuild of New York, TNG-CWA Local 31003. The NewsGuild is the largest union for media professionals in the country.


In a dismissive response to The NewsGuild of New York’s concerns about wage gaps, The New York Times has squandered an opportunity to have a full discussion with its largest union on critical pay equity issues. 


A 92 percent majority of the editorial staff of legal news website Law360 voted for Guild representation in a government-run election on Wednesday, despite an intense three-week management anti-union campaign.


The editorial staff of legal news website Law360 on Tuesday petitioned for union representation with The NewsGuild of New York with the goal of improving management and editorial practices and ensuring that employees share in the company’s continued growth. 


Following today’s announcement that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office reached a settlement with Law360 under which the legal news website will stop requiring its journalists to sign non-compete agreements, NewsGuild of New York President Peter Szekely issued a statement. 


Following today’s announcement that online publisher Gawker Media Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the aftermath of a $140 million judgment against it, NewsGuild of New York President Peter Szekely issued a statement. 


Union-represented minority employees at The New York Times earn 10 percent less than the average wage, and women earn about 7 percent less than what men in the union are paid, according to an analysis of wage data made public on Thursday by the New York NewsGuild.