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We are the New York area workplace advocate for people in the news business, and that includes some of the best journalists in the country.

The Newspaper Guild of New York represents more than 3,000 employees at New York area-based news organizations, as well as a few non-news organizations.

Since its launch in 1934 by crusading columnist Heywood Broun and others, the Guild has been the voice in the workplace for practitioners of big-city journalism and employees in advertising, circulation and other related areas. It started with newspapers, but today the Guild’s reach extends to workers in all media.

New York Guild President Bill O'Meara briefs a June 26 rally outside El Diario's Brooklyn offices after meeting with company executives, who had refused to reinstate eight laid-off Guild members.
Guild President Bill O'Meara briefs June 26 rally on meeting with El Diario.

Guild President Bill O'Meara briefs June 26 rally on meeting with El Diario.

El Diario employees, current and laid-off, were joined by Guild and other union leaders on June 26 outside the papers Brooklyn offices for a rally to reinstate eight laid-off Guild members.
"Bring them back," demand El Diario workers and Guild officers on June 26.

"Bring them back," demand El Diario workers and Guild officers on June 26.

Guild member Jeannette Belaustegui at El Diario shows her solidarity on June 19 after the illegal dismissals of eight of her colleagues. The Guild has field unfair labor practice charges with the NLRB in addition to grievances.
El Diario Guild member Jeannette Belaustegui shows solidarity with dismissed colleagues.

El Diario Guild member Jeannette Belaustegui shows her solidarity.

Scholastic Unit Chair Kathy Wilmore addresses colleagues and a May Day rally about the company's refusal to come to the table to finish contract talks.
May Day protesters join Scholastic Guild members in rallying for a contract.

May Day protesters join Scholastic Guild members in rallying for a contract.

    Local and Unit News

    Members approve three-year contract

    July 29, 2014

    DAILY BEAST - Members of the Guild-Daily Beast bargaining unit overwhelmingly approved on July 8 a new three-year contract covering editorial employees through June 2017. The deal provides for retroactive increases going back to January 2013, updated job titles and classifications, new minimums, and expanded union security.

    Guild seeks court order after El Diario goes on nonunion hiring spree

    July 24, 2014

    EL DIARIO - The Guild asked the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to seek an emergency court order to require ImpreMedia and El Diario management to reinstate eight illegally fired Guild members, pending the outcome of our dispute over their dismissals. The request follows new information that the company has continued to hire at least eight nonunion employees, in addition to disputed nonunion hires it made before it laid off Guild journalists and other employees on June 13.  The new hires are doing Guild-represented work, including the work of the employees who were fired.  Management had claimed it was “forced” to make the cuts due to a “challenging business environment.”

    Scholastic withdraws its NLRB charge against Guild

    July 22, 2014

    SCHOLASTIC - The National Labor Relations Board recently told Scholastic that it intended to dismiss an unfair labor practice charge management filed against the Guild for refusing to sign an agreement that did not reflect the terms and conditions that were agreed to at the bargaining table on June 17, 2013.  Rather than having the NLRB dismiss its baseless ULP charge, Scholastic withdrew it.

    Dawn Yancy, John McAloon in election for CU first vice chair

    July 15, 2014

    CONSUMERS UNION - Dawn Yancy, assistant treasurer of the Consumers Union Guild unit, will face John McAloon, a unit vice chairperson, in a mail-ballot election to fill the vacant Unit Council position of first vice chairperson. Ballots are set to be sent to all Consumers Union Guild members on Thursday and collected from the Guild’s post office box on Aug. 11.

    Industry News

    Tumblr page shows how much news orgs pay photographers

    July 31, 2014

    PetaPixel | Who Pays Photographers?

    “Who Pays Photographers?” is a Tumblr that takes anonymous submissions about who pays how much to photojournalists.

    On Wednesday, Gannon Burgett wrote about the page for PetaPixel.

    As photographers, one of the most difficult aspects of using it as a form of income is determining what is and isn’t deemed appropriate compensation for our work.

    An almost taboo topic amongst photographers and even more so amongst editorial clients, the talk of pay is one that rarely gets brought to the front-lines. Ultimately, this leaves those looking to get into editorial gigs have a much larger barrier to entry, as less information is known by both parties.

    The page credits the Tumblr page “Who Pays Writers” for the inspiration. Submissions include the Wall Street Journal, the Associated Press and Texas A&M’s university newspaper, The Battalion.… Read more

    Lede of the day (it involves Rob Ford, deadmau5 and espresso)

    July 31, 2014

    Associated Press

    There’s no byline attached to this AP story about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford ordering five espressos, which is a real pity.

    TORONTO (AP) – Famed DJ deadmau5 asked Rob Ford to go for a coffee run in his Ferrari and was jolted by the Toronto mayor’s order: five espressos in one cup.

    But the last three lines of the story are remarkable as well.

    Ford asks the teller twice if there’s five shots and later says he throws the “espressos back. I do.”

    Ford admitted last year that he had smoked crack in a “drunken stupor.”

    Read more

    Future of Homicide Watch D.C. uncertain as Amico joins Boston Globe

    July 31, 2014

    In 2012, Laura Amico got a call that changed a lot of things — her city, her work and, eventually, her future

    Amico, who lived and worked in Washington, D.C., had been selected to be a Nieman-Berkman fellow at Harvard University, where she would research how the Web could be applied to criminal justice journalism. She was eager to go, but she knew moving to Cambridge for a year would mean leaving behind Homicide Watch, a project she and her husband Chris Amico created together to catalog every single homicide in the D.C. area. She didn’t want the site to wither.

    “This thing that I’d built from nothing really had a place in the community,” Amico said.

    Laura Amico (submitted photo)

    She and her husband — who eventually made the move to Cambridge permanent — raised more than $47,000 on Kickstarter and were able to hire student journalists to keep the site running in their absence.… Read more

    NYT acknowledges Carol Vogel lifted from Wikipedia

    July 31, 2014

    Good morning. 10-ish, anyone?

    1. NYT acknowledges Carol Vogel lifted from Wikipedia: Part of a July 25 column “used specific language and details from a Wikipedia article without attribution; it should not have been published in that form,” a grisly editor’s note reads. (NYT) | Times spokesperson Eileen Murphy told Ravi Somaiya “editors have dealt with Carol on the issue.” (NYT) | “It seems to me that there can be little dispute about the claim,” Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan wrote Wednesday. “Anyone can see the similarity.” (NYT)
    2. E.W. Scripps Co. and Journal Communications will combine broadcast properties, spin off newspapers: The companies “are so similar and share the deep commitment to public service through enterprise journalism,” Scripps Chairman Richard A.
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