The NewsGuild of New York Announces Results of Local-wide Election


The NewsGuild of New York, the union which represents nearly 3,000 media professionals in the Tri-state area, has announced the results of its election for the local’s top positions of Local Chairperson and First Vice President. 

Anna Pierdiluca of Consumer Reports was elected Local Chairperson and Hilary Russ of Reuters was elected First Vice President, effective immediately. 

In total, there were three nominations for Local Chair, including Pierdiluca; Karen Rohan of Foreign Policy; and Nusrat Sultana of Hudson News. For First Vice President, nominees were Russ and Nezamuddin Shaikh of Hudson News. Ballots were mailed out to the membership on June 22, 2018 and were counted this afternoon at the American Arbitration Association.

“I’m excited that we have two Guild activists at the helm of this union,” said Grant Glickson, President of the NewsGuild of New York. “Both Anna and Hilary have been instrumental in strengthening our Guild, and I speak on behalf of our staff and Executive Committee when I say we look forward to working alongside of them.” 

“I am gratified that the members trust I have their best interests in mind in helping craft decisions on how Guild resources are allocated and ensuring the Guild continues to grow and strengthen in the future,” said Pierdiluca. “I look forward to once again working with the Executive Committee, ensuring the Guild remains a leader in the industry and provides a voice in the workplace for all its members. I pledge to serve all members of every unit equally, serving with honesty and integrity to the best of my abilities.” 

“I'm humbled that my fellow Guild members put their trust in me,” said Russ. “I will do my best to make sure the Guild continues working for all its members with transparency and accountability. We have a lot of work to do, as always, but our purpose has never been more important. I'm so grateful for your support and hope we can keep working together in solidarity for better working conditions, fair wages and a free press. Stay energized and stay involved!” 

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