STATEMENT: NewsGuild of New York members vote overwhelmingly to invest in the future of their union


NEW YORK  –  In a resounding display of solidarity and as an investment in the future of their union, members of The NewsGuild of New York have overwhelmingly approved a permanent dues rate of 1.75%. 

By a margin of two-to-one, members approved the referendum making the previously temporary rate of 1.75%, which had been set to expire on Sept. 30, permanent.

 "This is fantastic news for the Guild. Our future is far more secure with this referendum passing, as it will enable us to continue to keep members in the fighting shape that they - and management - have come to expect,” said Juan-Carlos Rodriguez, a member at Law360 Union and second vice president of The NewsGuild of New York. “Our union is stronger than ever, and that's good news for journalists and media workers not just in New York, but everywhere."

Three years ago, the Executive Committee, which is made up of democratically elected members from across the NY Guild, recommended a permanent dues increase. Members then requested that the dues increase be temporary for a three-year period. That increase was set to  expire on Sept. 30. 

Earlier this year a dues working group, made up of elected and rank-and-file NY Guild members, discussed making the rate permanent, as well as other alternatives. The Executive Committee reviewed all the options, ultimately recommending to the membership making the current rate of 1.75% permanent 

A referendum vote, conducted by Global Election Services, was held during the last few weeks asking members to approve or disapprove the Executive Committee’s recommendation. 

Out of 1828 ballots received, 1,229 were yes votes and 599 were no. 

“This referendum demonstrates that NYGuild members are prepared to do whatever it takes to meet the challenges of the future,” said Susan DeCarava, President of The NewsGuild of New York. “We are all in on the work we do together as a union. A strong financial future means we are  well positioned to hold management accountable in all of our workplaces, to continue winning strong contracts and to build a better future for workers in our industry.”  

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