Statement from NewsGuild of New York on The New Yorker Festival Picket


The NewsGuild of New York is incredibly appreciative of the support that our New Yorker Union members have received this week from Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and former Attorney General Eric Holder—all of whom have decided that, in solidarity with the union’s fight for just cause, they will not be participating in scheduled New Yorker Festival events until New Yorker management agrees to grant this fundamental labor protection to their employees. Our thanks, too, to the countless New Yorker subscribers and fellow union members who have stepped up to show their support

Picketing the New Yorker Festival is not something our members at The New Yorker wanted to have to do; many of our members have worked for months to prepare for and promote these events. But it has become clear that we must take action in order to uphold an essential protection that is enshrined in every NewsGuild contract. The New Yorker management has a choice: they can continue to deny their staff this basic right, or the festival can go forward as planned. 

It is ultimately up to David Remnick and The New Yorker’s management to decide which is more important to them and what will move forward our shared goal of supporting the dedicated, hardworking staff of the magazine. To our members, that choice is clear—and we hope that Remnick will exhibit the leadership he is known for as the editor of The New Yorker and stand with his employees in enshrining just cause as the foundation of our collective bargaining agreement. 

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