Quartz Union Statement on Announcement on Company-wide "Restructure"


This morning, Quartz management announced a company-wide restructuring. People from teams across the organization will lose their jobs, but it has had an outsized impact on our unit; about half of our members are being laid off We are heartbroken to see our colleagues go—they are some of the most talented and kindest people in the business.

After many hours of bargaining, the Quartz Union is putting together the final pieces of a tentative agreement with management regarding the terms of the layoffs. We hope to offer more details once that agreement is finalized, but for now we can say with confidence that we fought hard for our colleagues who are being forced to leave the company.

Those of us who remain may see our jobs, and the organization we work for, dramatically changed. But at least one thing will stay the same: Our union will continue to fight for our members.


The Quartz Union bargaining committee

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