Our Statement on today’s events at Capitol Hill and violence toward journalists


Today’s actions on Capitol Hill will be discussed and documented for years to come, reinforcing the need for rapid and accurate journalism. This pivotal moment in our nation’s history is a harrowing public culmination of years of racist, sexist and reckless rhetoric that divides our nation and weakens our democracy. It is in these moments of crisis we see with absolute clarity the need for a free and protected press.  

Our union stands strong in fighting to make sure that need is met. Collectively, we continue to advocate for a nation that is rooted in and celebrates equality and opportunity for all. We will continue to defend the First Amendment and practice the rights it protects. We will continue to campaign for inclusive newsrooms that reflect the diverse communities we cover. We will continue to fight for workers’ rights and to help provide a voice to our colleagues and our neighbors. 

The NewsGuild of New York condemns the attempted insurrection on Capitol Hill, along with the intimidation and threats toward journalists. Today’s breach of the Capitol was a disgraceful, last-ditch effort to support an administration that defies our First Amendment rights, incites violence toward members of the media, and pushes misinformation that threatens the foundation of a free society. We unequivocally support all of the media professionals, working hard and in dangerous circumstances, to keep us informed.

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