Our Statement on Recognition of Sports Illustrated


We are pleased that Maven has voluntarily recognized the SI Union. As the print, digital and video employees who make up this proud media brand, we look forward to building a strong and successful future for Sports Illustrated through a collaborative working relationship. Since taking over as the operator of SI, and prior to any of our discussions, Maven proactively awarded cost-of-living raises and stock options to our staff, ended Si's practice of using permalance subcontractors, who in many cases spent years working full-time hours and performing the same responsibilities as staff members, with inferior benefits and protections. Maven has made technology upgrades; brought our newsroom together in a single, efficient studio environment; modernized our editorial, production and video strategy and has grown our digital viewership and engagement. We appreciate Maven's commitment to a speedy collective bargaining process that will enable us to pursue our shared goals through support of Si's journalists.

NewsGuild President Susan DeCarava stated : "We understand the fear and frustration by members during this historic time and with this process and timeline, and can understand the difficult decisions Maven has faced to protect the company. We also understand that reaching an agreement takes time. We look forward to building a productive relationship with Maven, who, along with our members, are committed to strengthening this iconic publication during an unprecedented time for media."

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