Guild Statement on New York Times Newsroom Buyouts


CONTACT: Josh Austin, Communications Director, 484-269-0158

New York, New York — The announcement today that The New York Times will be offering buyouts and eliminating editors — including the Public Editor — is devastating for our members and grave news for the state of journalism. The Times is supposed to be a leader in our industry, and though we’re heartened to hear that they intend to invest more in reporters and content, it comes at an unfortunate cost. The Times plans to offer buyouts and if it doesn’t fill its “quota,” management will layoff staff — primarily copy editors. These Guild members don’t simply correct comma splices, they protect the integrity of the brand. They are the watchdogs that ensure that the truth is told. The “Paper of Record” should value their importance. We have asked for a meeting with Times management to discuss how they intend to restructure their editing process, as we fight to keep our members and their institutional knowledge in the newsroom. The Guild will continue to work tirelessly to protect its members and hold New York Times’ management accountable.


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