From Poynter | New York Times tech workers escalate union conflict with half-day walkout


The following story originally appeared on Poynter: 

Hundreds of technology workers at The New York Times launched a half-day work stoppage Wednesday in protest of what they say are union-busting tactics from the company’s management.

The workers are part of the New York Times Tech Guild, a roughly 600-person unit that first went public with its union drive in April. Since then, the union has clashed repeatedly with the paper. They have filed at least three unfair labor practice charges — two of which are still open — with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging that the company violated federal labor law.

“However frustrating it is to be dealing with management’s somewhat bad-faith arguments and moving goalposts in trying to form a union — that’s one thing. It’s another thing to engage in unfair labor practices,” said organizing committee member Nozlee Samadzadeh. “We really, at this point, feel like we have no choice but to garner our collective power in order to make a statement about how this isn’t okay.”

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