From BuzzFeed News Union | Our statement on BuzzFeed’s plans to reduce employee salaries


BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti today announced plans to reduce salaries across the company in anticipation of the industry-wide financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

While this obviously isn’t ideal for anyone, we’re glad the company is taking a proactive approach and pursuing options to cut costs that don’t result in job losses. The work being done by BuzzFeed News staff has never been more vital. Millions of people are reading our reporting to stay informed and get advice on how to navigate such an unprecedented global crisis.    

The company will meet with us to negotiate how this plan applies to BuzzFeed News Union members. In that conversation, we’re committed to working towards what’s best for our members and for BuzzFeed, including all of our colleagues across the company.  

Solidarity to all workers whose lives have been and will be affected by this crisis.

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