BuzzFeed News Unit Statement on Ben Smith Leaving BuzzFeed News


BuzzFeed News Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith announced today that he'll be leaving BuzzFeed in March.

We're grateful for everything he's done to build BuzzFeed News into what it is today. We're not concerned about the future of our newsroom, which will continue to do amazing work thanks to its dedicated staff across the country, and we're proud to stay put at a company we believe in.

Our CEO, Jonah Peretti, has stressed that our newsroom will remain a key part of BuzzFeed, and we expect our next editor-in-chief will uphold that promise - and continue working with us to reach a collective bargaining agreement that ensures our staff has a stable, supportive environment to do our best work.

We wish Ben lots of luck in his new role at our fellow NewsGuild union shop, The New York Times.

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