All Is Not Well in Reuters Newsrooms


New York, NY- Thomson Reuters NewsGuild union members across the nation are entering their third year without a labor contract, at a time when the free press is under attack around the world. Reuters journalists and editors have been mobilizing and performing job actions to demand that management come to the table and agree to a fair contract that recognizes its award-winning staff. 

“Reuters can’t have it both ways,” said Dan Grebler, Reuters unit chair. “On one hand, Editor-in-Chief Steve Adler publicly touts the exemplary work of his staff. On the other, Adler has failed to step up and ensure that the staff he praises has a fair contract that protects their financial well-being and rewards the continued accolades they bring to the Reuters brand.”  

It’s time for Thomson Reuters management to demonstrate that it values the work of the journalists who enhance Reuters’ reputation with both skills and dedication. Last month, Guild members hand-delivered a letter with nearly 300 rank-and-file signatures to Adler asking he step in and ensure that his staff secures a contract that recognizes their contributions to Reuters’ reputation and bottom line. 

“Reuters Guild members have gone without a contract for far too long. Enough is enough,” said NewsGuild President Grant Glickson. “We are tired of being met with a lack of transparency and information at the bargaining table. A fair contract, job protection for those who bring you readers, I don't think it's asking for much."  

As Washington D.C.-based journalist Kia Johnson said: “We show up every day for Reuters and make our managers and the company look good to clients and shareholders. It’s time they show up for us.”


About the NewsGuild

The NewsGuild of New York is the union for print and digital news professionals in America’s media capital. We are the workplace advocate for people in the media business, including some of the best journalists in the country. The majority of our nearly 3,000 members work in newsrooms at media organizations from print to digital to broadcast. We represent workers at the following companies: The Hour, Law360, Amsterdam News, El Diario, The Foreign Policy Association,  Hudson News, The Jewish Forward, Jewish Telegraphic Agency/70 Faces Media, Kaplan International Centers, The Nation, The Daily Beast, The New York Times, The Jersey Journal, Standard & Poor's, Scholastic, Inc., Consumer's Union, Thomson Reuters, WPIX-TV, and Writers Guild of America East.


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