Szekely, Glickson nominated for local presidency


Incumbent Peter Szekely and challenger Grant Glickson were nominated at a local membership meeting on Thursday for the presidency of The NewsGuild of New York.

Szekely, previously the local’s secretary-treasurer and a Reuters journalist, became president a year ago when Bill O’Meara retired. Glickson, unit chair at The New York Times and 2nd vice president of the local, ran against O’Meara for the presidency in 2013.

Candidates running on Szekely’s slate for other board positions were also nominated at Thursday’s meeting. Glickson’s campaign did not present a slate. However, election rules allow nominations for all positions to be submitted by hand, U.S. mail, overnight mail, fax or email through 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 13.

The election will be conducted by mail, with ballots going out by Oct. 27. Votes will be counted Nov. 18. All positions are for three-year terms beginning Jan. 2, 2017.

Szekely’s slate, called the Growing Stronger Coalition, currently includes nominees for 17 of the 22 board positions on the ballot. If no opposing nominations are made for those positions by Oct. 13, the candidates will be declared elected. In addition to Szekely, the nominees are:

Secretary-Treasurer – Anthony Napoli (incumbent)
Local Chairperson – Kathy Wilmore (Scholastic)
First Vice President – Anna Pierdiluca (Consumer Reports)
econd Vice President – Dan Grebler (Reuters))

Executive Committee Nominees:

Joseph Ax (Reuters)
Emily Douglas (The Nation)
Emilio Gonzalez (Consumer Reports)
Rich Handel (Consumer Reports)
Oscar Hernandez (El Diario)
Montasir Islam (Hudson News)
Rob Langeder (Standard & Poor’s)
Marcus Payadue (The New York Times)
Hilary Russ (Reuters)
Eric Russ (Scholastic)
Kathy Santana (Hudson News)
Daniel Trotta (Reuters)


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