Results of NBC News Digital Unit Chair Election


Today the American Arbitration Association conducted a vote count for the NBC News Digital Unit Chair election. Ballots were sent to 131 eligible voters, and 84 ballots were received by the deadline. The results are as follows:

Tate James: 70 votes
Bryanna Cappadonna: 14 votes

The NBC Digital News Unit Council will have its first meeting in the coming weeks, and the Unit Chair will begin the process of appointing the Bargaining Committee in consultation with the Unit Council and NewsGuild President.

The Unit Council is made of up of the following, previously elected members (now including the Unit Chair):

Unit Chair
Tate James

First Vice Chair
Daniella Silva

Helen Ray

Vice Chairs
Arleen Aguasvivas
Emi Boscamp
Dartunorro Clark
Mish Coffey
Amanda Covarrubias
Ashley Domagola
Brooke Drummond
Tyler Essary
Katie Flaherty
Nirma Hasty
Alexander Kacala
Ben Kesslen
Hilary Krieger
Nick Lerman
Shako Liu
Doha Madani
Carly Marsh
Phil McCausland
Zoe Miller
Christine Nguyen
Heather Seidel
Casey Silvestri
Sara Snyder
Andrew Stern
Brittany Terrell
Kevin Urgiles
Megan Wheeler
Yi-Jin Yu

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