Representative Assembly nominates slate for Local offices


The New York Guild’s Representative Assembly (RA), last night, nominated its candidates for the 2011-2013 term, for all 24 of our Local offices.  Proposed by Mindy Matthews, Executive Committee Member and grievance chair for the New York Times, as The Democratic Coalition Slate, the RA’s nominees are: 


Bill O'Meara



Peter Szekely


Local Chairperson

Ed Fannon

(Standard & Poor’s)

1st Vice President

Karen Rohan

(Foreign Policy)

2nd Vice President

Grant Glickson

(New York Times)

3rd Vice President

Kathy Wilmore





R.A. Chair

Nelson Cuello

(El Diario)

R.A. Vice Chair

Anna Pierdiluca

(Consumers Union)




Executive Board Members

Michael Conte

(Jersey Journal)


Randye Gilliam

(Standard & Poor's)


Karen Grzelewski

(New York Times)


Emilio Gonzalez

(Consumers Union)


Sarah Graham

(Times Digital)


Monica Johnson

(New York Times)


Lamar Jones

(Amsterdam News)


Hannan Khan

(Hudson News)


Mohammed Khalil

(Consumers Union)


Lan Lecour

(Standard & Poor’s)


Elaine Lindsay

(Writers Guild)


Mindy Matthews

(New York Times)


Eileen Moustakis



Jeff Roth

(New York Times)


John Shostrom

(Time Inc.)


Priscilla Sutton


No opposing candidates were nominated at the meeting, which was the regular October session of the Representative Assembly.

Additional nominations may still be made via petitions signed by not less than 5 percent of the Local’s membership in good standing as of October 1, 2010. All such petitions must be in the hands of the Local secretary-treasurer by 6 p.m., October 27, 2010.  If no other contestants file petitions by the October 27 deadline, the nominees of the RA will be declared elected at that time.

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