Recognizing Your Victories


By Grant Glickson,

The incredible efforts of our membership across the nation were on full display this past week at the Communication Workers of America’s (CWA) 77th Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In front of 2,000 elected delegates from our parent union, CWA, President Chris Shelton bestowed the CWA’s highest honor to our union: the President’s “Hat” Award (named for CWA's founding president Joe Beirne), which honors outstanding achievements in organizing. The NewsGuild (TNG) sector was recognized for its outstanding organizing achievements over the past two years, as were public sector CWA members in New Jersey. TNG international has organized a total of 1,300 media workers since 2017. Our local alone is responsible for 850 of these now proud card-carrying Guild members. 

During the ceremony, our Guild was one of four to win Organizing Awards, which are given to locals that organize more than 100 members. We accepted this award alongside our siblings from The United Media Guild, the Washington-Baltimore Guild, and the NewsGuild of Greater New York.

These awards are a testament to your efforts, whether you’re a newly-organized worker or a long-serving member of your bargaining committee. When we continue to show up for each other, fight for strong contracts, and demonstrate to management that we deserve a seat at the table, then we continue to inspire those who deserve representation in the workplace to stand up. Congrats to our members, our Executive Board, and our staff on achieving such an honor. 

A bi-annual event, the three-day CWA Convention provides an important opportunity for the entire union to come together for discussion, debate and, if necessary, institutional change. This is the chance for TNG, and our Local, to raise our concerns, show solidarity, and vote on issues that directly affect our membership. Items of note include:

  • CWA President Chris Shelton and Secretary-Treasurer Sara Steffens were re-elected and confirmed. Additionally, Dennis Trainor, our district leader, was re-elected.
  • Two of four at-large diversity seats on CWA’s Executive Board were challengers, newly-elected by delegates. 
  • Seven constitutional resolutions were passed, including a controversial proposal that merges the CWA’s Growth Fund (used for broader campaign and union efforts) and the Strategic Initiative Fund (funds organizing). 
  • Bill O’Meara, former NewsGuild of New York President, was re-elected to the Defense Fund Oversight Committee, which makes strategic decisions on how to spend the various funds mentioned above. 


One of the many benefits of attending these conventions is seeing how our union continues to evolve and better itself in how it advocates for workers. Through dialogue and the democratic process, we set the tone for TNG, and by extension the CWA. We vote in our representatives, we have a say in the critical issues, and we get to stand up and speak on behalf of our members here in our Guild. 

We get a voice. 

Speaking of using your voice. Coming up within the next few weeks will be the start of Unit and Local-wide elections. In addition to holding nomination meetings in 34 of our shops for Unit Council members, we will also be voting on our Local’s President, Secretary Treasurer, Local Chair, and Executive Committee. More information on these elections will be coming your way. 

Please keep your eyes on your emails over the next few weeks for additional announcements and important election updates. There is a lot at stake in these challenging times and your vote is important. You deserve to have a voice in the direction of your industry and your Local. 

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