Nomination made for Executive Committee, 3rd vice president


The New York Guild's Representative Assembly (RA) has named Local Executive Committee member Kathy Wilmore as its candidate for Third Vice President and New York Times Shop Steward Jeffrey Roth as its candidate to fill the vacant Local Executive Committee seat formerly occupied by Newsweek Unit Chairperson Myra Kreiman, who recently left her job.  Kreiman was both a committee member and Third Vice President. 

Wilmore and Roth were unopposed at the October 20th RA meeting, following their nominations.

Additional nominations for the Executive Committee and Third Vice President posts may be made by petitions of not less than 5% of the Local's membership in good standing to Secretary-Treasurer Peter Szekely by 6 p.m., October 28, 2009.

If no petitions are filed by the deadline, Kathy Wilmore and Jeffrey Roth will be declared elected at that time. In the event of a contest, the candidates will run on The Democratic Coalition Slate, and the election will be conducted entirely by mail ballot.

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