Insider Union Mission Statement


Insider is a transformational force in digital journalism. It’s a place where journalists can do their best work. It’s a place that fights to make journalism a sustainable business. And it’s a place that proves the news can be fair and accurate while also being fun and fearless.

We, the Insider editorial staff, are forming a union with The NewsGuild of New York to secure what we’ve built and strengthen it.

Insider is built by our world-class team of reporters, web editors, producers, video editors, social media producers, animators, photographers, designers, and copy editors. We want a contract that fully respects the work of all our staff and gives us a greater voice at our company.

A union contract will do that and more, helping us get better every day.

Our management has guided us safely through a roiling industry. We’ve seen tremendous growth, especially following Axel Springer’s acquisition in 2015, which has pushed us to heights that would have seemed impossible to the first Insider employees writing quick blogs in a Manhattan loading dock.

We seek to ensure the company keeps the promises it’s already made and to build on them. We want accountability and transparency from management regarding employee demographics and salary gaps; a deliberate and permanent effort to hire more BIPOC and LGBTQ+ employees and pay them appropriately; more resources and funding for DEI-centered verticals like Voices of Color and Out Insider; greater support and flexibility for parents and other caregivers; a metrics system that is reasonably and fairly applied across the company; and a more robust and effective way for employees to voice concerns about our work environment.

Insider aims to be the leading publication of the digital generation, and the NewsGuild will get us closer to that goal. The Guild has a strong track record with publications like The New York Times, Reuters, The Daily Beast, BuzzFeed News, NBC News Digital, and dozens of other digital media organizations.

We’ve organized one of the largest digital media union drives in history with the NewsGuild during a pandemic because we love the work we do. We ask that the company follow the lead of its peers in the media industry and voluntarily recognize us so that we can move to the bargaining table and work together to build a better Insider.

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