Guild wins representation for business unit at the Forward


A small group of employees at The Forward Association, publisher of Jewish newspapers and digital media, recently voted unanimously to name the Newspaper Guild of New York as their bargaining agent.

The vote was 5-0 with one ballot being set aside after being challenged by The Forward Association. Since the ballot would not determine the outcome of the election, it will not be counted.

The challenged ballot was that of the benefits administrator, who management continues to claim is a confidential employee and, therefore, not eligible for union representation. The benefits administrator was one of 10 positions claimed by the Guild as an appropriate bargaining unit. In addition to that position, which management claimed should be excluded as being a confidential employee; the Forward Association opposed the circulation director and advertising director being included (supervisors, they alleged) and development manager (managerial).

After four days of sessions before a hearings officer of the Regional National Labor Relations Board, the board ruled that only the advertising director was not eligible for union representation. The Guild won the other three.

Stephen Soule, the circulation director, whose Guild eligibility was upheld by the NLRB, was subsequently elected chairperson of the Forward Business Unit, and Freyda Faivus, whose eligibility was upheld but is still being challenged by the Forward, was elected vice chairperson.

The development manager at the Forward was hired after the election deadline and was, therefore, not eligible to vote in the election and one of the positions is vacant.

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