From the President | We're Here for You: Coronavirus Update


Dear Members, 

While the spread of coronavirus widens and the cases of COVID-19 increase, we’re focused on how this affects your physical safety and working conditions.

Many, if not most, of our employers have begun to allow Guild members and their colleagues to work remotely. For those of you that are able, we urge you to do so. But we know that for many of you, your job requires you to be out in the field — putting yourself at risk. If you must work from the office or in the field, please do so cautiously and at your comfort level. 

The Guild has been in contact with management at our units, requesting information on procedures and expectations should offices implement changes in response to the outbreak, which the World Health Organization just categorized as a pandemic. Your Guild representatives and unit leaders will continue to follow up with employers for updates and will communicate new information we receive. If you’re not sure about your company’s procedures, please contact the appropriate company and/or Guild representative immediately. 

Additionally, if you are concerned about a response from management or are having issues getting permission to work from home, please let your stewards, unit officers or Local Representatives know. Your safety during this time is important, and we want to ensure that all of our employers are taking every precaution and appropriate measure to avoid any risk to you or your colleagues. 

If there are instances of possible exposure or illness within your unit, let both your company and the Guild know immediately. We are coordinating with our international union, The News Guild-CWA, to keep track of members nationwide that might have been exposed or diagnosed with the illness.

If you start to feel unwell, please reach out to your healthcare provider. Should you need assistance in navigating your insurance and benefits, contact your plan administrator directly. If you have further questions about your benefits, contact a steward or Guild representative.

The Guild office remains open and Local Representatives and staff are available to you. Your Executive Committee is taking precautions of its own during this period, including remoting several meetings, to ensure the safety of staff and members. 

We’ll continue to keep you informed and send updates as we receive them. Please reach out with any concerns or questions.

In solidarity, 

Susan DeCarava,
President | The NewsGuild of New York

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