From the President: Two Years, Too Long


Last week members at Law360 overwhelmingly approved a strike authorization—141 to 11 to be exact. Members didn’t make this decision lightly, and the vote signified a renewed determination to achieve a fair first contract after nearly two years at the bargaining table.

Law360 Unit Chair Juan Carlos Rodriguez said it best: “After two years, we’re done with management dragging out these negotiations. This vote demonstrates that our newsroom stands united and is committed to securing a great contract, no matter what it takes.”

Since the vote on Tuesday, October 23rd, Law360 members have led a strong, unified and public proclamation of why they voted yes for this strike authorization. Some voted yes because they want to be heard in their newsroom, others for the benefits they so rightly deserve. Law360 Bargaining Committee member Jill Coffey explained, “I voted yes on the Law360 strike authorization because every day I’m privileged to work with extremely dedicated, talented and smart colleagues. They all deserve a lot more money, and I would like management to know that we’re serious about getting it.”

Throughout these negotiations, Law360 has demonstrated the power of collective action. As management has pushed back on our proposals regarding quotas, non-competes and overtime, the unit has passionately stepped up, and through various mobilizations, won tentative agreements on these issues. This is a testament to the members’ strength.

Still, Law360 has managed to prolong these negotiations to the nearly two year mark, without a completed contract in sight. That’s unacceptable.

This vote was a monumental moment for our Guild and the media industry. A strike authorization is still unprecedented in digital media. I hope that this vote can be a rallying cry, not only for our local but for the broader movement. Workers are not only seeking representation in their newsrooms, they’re demanding what they deserve. This vote is emblematic of that.

Over the past two years, as many of you know, newsrooms across the nation have been unionizing at an accelerated pace, justifiably so. Journalists are working to demonstrate to management that their role as a media worker has significant value that must be recognized.

Help Law360 in demanding that recognition through a good first contract. After organizing, no newsroom should have to wait two years for a contract. We have welcomed several new shops into our Guild this year, and with many new contracts to bargain. Let’s demonstrate that we won’t put up with stall tactics at the table.

Join us in telling Law360 management that two years is too long for a contract. Visit our website to learn more about the fight and how you can lend your support. (You can also download the graphic below and tweet your support tagging @Law360Union and using #2Years2Long).

In solidarity,

Grant Glickson,

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