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Dear Friends,

My father once told me that those who toil in the vineyards are rarely invited to taste the wine. It is something I think about often, given the nature of the work we do here at the Guild. The fight to claim the fruits of your labor is ongoing, and never stops. But there are times when you can and should take a moment and relish in the sweetness of your efforts. This is one of those times.

More than anything else, this election was about who we are as a labor union and how far across the horizon our ambitions may reach. You have reclaimed your Guild as a union that is committed to progressive reform, to leadership accountability and transparency, and to fighting smarter and harder to not just survive in the coming years, but to thrive.

On behalf of myself and my Guild Forward colleagues, with deep gratitude, I thank you for the opportunity to lead us forward into that future. I pledge to work hard to continue to earn and maintain your trust and to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves and in each of our 35 units. There is so much good work to be done! 

I want to thank Grant Glickson and his team for their service and their time at the helm of our union. It is not easy to steer a big ship in tumultuous waters and I appreciate the commitment it takes to even contemplate taking on such a task. I hope you will all join me at the Guild’s holiday party on December 4 to thank them for their service, and to toast to our future. 

My personal pledge to each of you, whomever you voted for, is that your concerns are my concerns, your struggles are our struggles. We are one Guild. And we are moving forward. 

In unity,

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