Executive Committee Unanimously Supports LGBTQI+ Caucus Resolution


Over the past few months, the Guild's newly-formed LGBTQI+ Caucus came together to develop a set of recommendations for how we as a union can advance LGBTQ+ members' rights in the workplace through proposals in contract negotiations, campaigns, and other initiatives.

On September 20, 2018, members of the Caucus presented these recommendations to the local’s Executive Committee. We’re proud to report that the Caucus’ resolution and recommendations were met with enthusiasm and unanimous support from the Committee. The resolution and recommendations are as follows:  

RESOLVE, The NewsGuild of New York supports the local's LGBTQ+ Caucus by working to incorporate their recommendations of furthering LGBTQ+ members' rights in the workplace through contract negotiations and other initiatives. The Guild resolves to stand with our LGBTQ+ members during necessary campaigns and initiatives that advance their rights in the workplace.


  • Guild style guide with terms to use and phrases to avoid, conventions/examples of unconscious bias
  • Procedure for what to do with bylines/archives/online identity for “dead names” if an employee or freelancer transitions
  • Institute processes for or acknowledging sensitivity reads; shop-wide workshops/trainings incl. editors about how to incorporate/solicit/give feedback on sensitivity issues (and explore ways to compensate those who do sensitivity reads)

Office Culture

  • Gender neutral bathrooms available on site
  • Menstrual products available not just in women’s restrooms (e.g., in a semi-private common area near the bathrooms), ensure that lactation rooms are not just in women’s rooms
  • Dress codes that are accepting of varying gender expressions
  • Forms including a variety of pronouns, non-binary options, etc.
  • Clearly advertised procedure for reporting to the company and seeking support from the Guild in the event of harassment, bias, etc.


  • Equal parental/family leave for adopting and non-birth parents
  • Coverage of hormone therapy, gender confirmation procedures, and PrEP and HIV medication
  • Mental health coverage
  • Domestic partnership benefits


  • Orientation and onboarding that includes pronouns, including systematizing new-hire announcements with pronouns
  • Mandatory trainings that address LGBTQ+ identities, how to support someone who wants to transition on the job (socially, medically, or both), etc.
  • Ensure anti-discrimination and harassment trainings include resources for LGBTQ+ members and the unique form of harassment they might face
  • Member-led space for LGBTQ+ and/or diversity issues

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