Executive Committee Local-wide Officer Election Results!


The NewsGuild of New York is pleased to announce the following newly elected leadership of the Local. These thirteen officers, elected without contest, will serve a three-year term beginning on January 2, 2023. These officers, along with the Unit Chair of each NY Guild bargaining unit, make up the Local’s Executive Committee. We will be sending a full roster of the Executive Committee, along with more exciting news about the upcoming term, in the coming weeks.  


Congratulations to our new Local officers! 



Susan DeCarava


Local Chair

Jenny Vrentas, New York Times



Anthony Napoli



Vicki Crosson, Times Tech


First Vice President

Hilary Russ, Reuters  


Second Vice President

Juan-Carlos Rodriguez, Law360


Third Vice President

Lainna Fader, Condé Nast (The New Yorker)


Executive Committee Vice Chairs

Melanie Anzidei, Gannett (The Bergen Record)

Stephanie Davis, Consumer Reports 

Carlin McCarthy, NBC 

Shane O'Neill, New York Times 

Sindhu Sundar, Insider 

Andrea Zagata, New York Times

“I am thrilled to have been re-elected to serve our Local for another three years. It has been an absolute honor and privilege to fight alongside our incredible NYGuild members to grow and strengthen our ranks, make our union stronger and more militant, and improve industry-wide standards. What we have achieved collectively as a union over the last few years is nothing short of remarkable and we are just getting started! I’m excited to help lead our union, with our new Executive Committee and our entire membership, in the ongoing fight for better newsrooms and better workplaces. Let’s go!” — Susan DeCarava, President

“When I became a member of the NewsGuild of New York three years ago, I could not have anticipated how much our union was on the verge of achieving. Between organizing new workplaces and reinvigorating long-standing union shops, the one common goal shared by our members has been uniting to raise standards for workers across our industry. Truth-telling journalism has never been more important. Our union is leading the way in making sure we can continue to do difference-making work. We’re protecting jobs, raising salaries, and making newsrooms more equitable. As far as we've come, this work is never-ending. I'm looking forward to continuing to build our power and fighting for a stronger future, together.” — Jenny Vrentas, Sports Reporter, New York Times, Local Chair 

“Our union has been fortunate to roughly double in size over the past few years. Many of our new members are celebrating first contracts, nearing the finish line, or finding their way in the various bargaining stages. It is so incredibly gratifying to see journalists taking control of their fates at work, and to see the strength of the whole union grow as we all learn the ropes, from organizing to bargaining to implementing new contracts. At the same time, we're seeing a renewed sense of leadership in our more established members who have invaluable experience and memories that benefit all of us. I'm so excited to be a part of the next phase of our union's continued growth and strengthening!” — Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Senior Reporter, Law360, Second Vice President 

“I am a former member of Local One, the first newspaper union in this country. After I left, I watched my colleagues in Cleveland fight to keep their jobs in a city they loved. Corporate bosses slowly chipped away at their union and ultimately dissolved it. My colleagues fought so hard and it’s those wonderful people that I am thinking of when I stand up for my NewsGuild colleagues and as we continue to build a stronger, fighting union. Never again.” — Andrea Zagata, News Designer, New York Times, Executive Committee Vice Chair 

“When I became a software engineer, I never expected to get to be in a union, but as a member of the Times Tech Guild, I've seen firsthand the strength of a group working together. This is in large part because of the support of folks across the broader union and the impressive commitment to learning and growing. I'm looking forward to continuing to build up that solidarity across new and existing shops, to empower all types of workers, no matter our roles in these companies, to improve working conditions for ourselves and our coworkers.” — Vicki Crosson, Software Engineer, New York Times Tech, Secretary 

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