Dues Max Adjustment set for September 1, 2019


Each year, the maximum weekly salary on which dues may be assessed increases. Despite these annual increases, which are spelled out in the constitution of The NewsGuild-CWA, the New York Guild has not always increased its maximum dues-assessable salary.

Effective September 1, 2019, however, the maximum salary will increase to $2,499 per week from $2,395. Currently, the dues rate for members earning more than $2,395 a week is effectively less than the 1.3846 percent (plus $1 a month) paid by members who earn less than that amount. Raising the maximum salary means that the effective dues rate for all members earning up to $2,499 will be equal. No dues will be assessed on weekly earnings above $2,499, which is still below the current maximum in the TNG-CWA constitution.

For the large majority of members, there will be no increase in dues. Those earning more than $2,499 a week, however, will see an increase of up to $1.44 a week. For any questions, please email Guild President Grant Glickson at glickson@nyguild.org

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