Lets Play a Game With Management: Bargaining Bingo


Let’s Play a Game with Management

Download Bargaining Bingo Here

Bargaining is a simple process: we go to the table with proposals for how to improve our working conditions, pay and benefits and management tells us “no.” 

Well, they don’t just say “no” outright. That would be too honest and too quick. Instead, management intentionally drags bargaining out for as long as they can. They want us to feel like bargaining is futile and that we will have to settle for whatever crumbs they are willing to part with. 

But we know better.

Management doesn’t approach bargaining as a give-or-take and neither should we. We are there to take—and how much we get is dependent on how united and ready for collective action we are. The contract we win is a reflection of the power we build. 

Raising standards—like a minimum salary of $60,000 for all media workers, ensuring more hires come from a diverse pool of candidates, and even that adequate health and safety protocols are being put in place during the pandemic—is a real fight. That is why our shift to the organizing model is so important. We are a union that is committed to building power on the job and across our industries. 

One way we build our power is through open bargaining. We don’t let management hide their insulting counter-proposals and their disrespectful stalling tactics from our coworkers. We force them to be transparent about their union-busting antics—and they hate it! 

So let’s have a little fun with management’s schemes by turning their tactics into a game. Before your coworkers attend a future bargaining session, share this bingo card with them. When you hear management use one of their tried-and-true anti-union talking points, mark an “X” on the appropriate box. When you get five in a row, come off mute and yell “BINGO!” 

And you should share your completed bingo card with coworkers, friends, and the public. Show the world that we see through management’s games and won’t be taking “no” for an answer.

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