Public Event | Securing a Safe Workplace: COVID-19 and Workers’ Rights

COVID-19 has brought to light a wide variety of inequities and uncertainties in society in general and the workplace in particular. This free one-hour webinar will identify in broad terms what is necessary for workers to be safe on the job given the routes of virus transmission. A panel of experts will then examine what workers might do if their employers are unable or unwilling to provide protective measures and whether individuals can refuse to work if they feel unsafe. Panelists will address questions about what an employer can and cannot require of employees in order for them to be on the job. Panelists include: Nellie Brown, the Director of Workplace Health and Safety Programs for the Worker Institute at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations; Ligia Guallpa, the daughter of a former day laborer and garment worker, is the Executive Director of Workers Justice Project (WJP), a community-based building, workers’ rights organization that is winning better working conditions for low-wage immigrant workers; and Esta R. Bigler, Esq., is the Director of Labor and Employment Law Program, Government and Community Relations, NYC, Cornell ILR. RSVP here

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