How to Organize a Strike Paper

Strikes are one of the most powerful weapons that workers have in the struggle for better pay, healthcare and working conditions. Strike also reveal something that employers would prefer we not notice: they need us. Without us, a newspaper is just blank pages. 

A strike paper is a great way to supercharge a work stoppage. Advertisers and subscribers can pull their financial support from a scab paper and provide it directly to striking media workers who can continue providing an invaluable service to local communities. 
If you're interested in learning how to build out an online strike paper, then come to this workshop to get all your questions answered.
This hands-on workshop is being held on Tuesday, October 11 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm ET and will be facilitated by Zack Tanner and Steve Mellon of the Newspaper Guild of Pittsburgh. 

Upcoming dates

Tuesday, October 11, 6 - 7 pm ET on Zoom


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