Guild Event | Workshop: Mastering Public Speaking | Session 3

This is a three-session series. Though attendance isn't mandatory at all three sessions, it is highly encouraged. 

Public speaking is not only the practice that most people fear as much as death, but it's a critical skill that leads to career advancement, empowerment and improved confidence. Participants will learn the basics of public speaking and also discover ways to handle with anxiety around public speaking. However skilled at public speaking you are, you will emerge a stronger orator. 

Led by Jabari Osaze, Participants will call out their major public speaking fears, discover basic tips for success in public speaking, review failed speeches and brainstorm speech topics. Learn more in this video here. 

Session 1: May 22, 2019
Session 2: May 29, 2019 
Session 3: June 5, 2019 

All session will take place at The NewsGuild of New York and will last from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

Those interested in streaming the workshop, please email  


Every year several reputable polling firms list the things that Americans fear. Most years public speaking ranks number one and when it does not, it is only outranked by an expected fear … death! Public speaking expert, Jabari Osaze, has headlined thousands of engagements to a wide variety of large and intimate audiences all over the world.  Through these experiences, Osaze has developed a highly effective public speaking method.  He has facilitated public speaking workshops and courses for community groups and unions all over the United States. “While public speaking is the thing that some many folks believe is terrifying, doing it well means you can advance every nearly any area of your life.”

Osaze obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in both Human Services and Africana Studies from Cornell University and his Master of Science degree from the Metropolitan College of New York.  Osaze is also a working historian.  He leads tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other museums around the country.  He has also taken over 3,000 people on history tours of Egypt. 

He has authored a book on African American history, been featured in several prominent documentaries, and was listed as one of the 50 most influential spiritual leaders by New York Magazine. He is a proud resident of Harlem, New York. 

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