Guild Event | Mastering Public Speaking

This is a four-session series. Though attendance isn't mandatory at all four sessions, it is highly encouraged. You can also attend a later session if you’re unable to attend the first.

Public speaking is a critical skill that leads to career advancement, empowerment and improved confidence. Improve your interview and presentation skills, professional relationships, and your ability to present yourself as a seasoned speaker.

Participants will learn the basics of public speaking and also discover ways to handle anxiety around speaking in public. However skilled at public speaking you are, you will emerge a stronger orator and presenter.

Led by Jabari Osaze, Participants will call out their major public speaking fears, discover basic tips for success in public speaking, review failed speeches and brainstorm speech topics. Learn more in this video here.

Session 1: September 4, 2019
Session 2: September 11, 2019
Session 3: September 18, 2019
Session 4: September 25, 2019

All sessions will take place at The NewsGuild of New York and will last from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Those interested in streaming the workshop, please email


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