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The NewsGuild of New York is the workplace advocate for people in the news and media business, including some of the best journalists in the country.

We represent about 3,000 employees at New York area-based media organizations and their respective bureaus around the nation.

The Guild, launched in 1934 by crusading columnist Heywood Broun and others, is the voice in the workplace for print, photo, video and now digital journalists, as well as employees in advertising, circulation and other related areas.

Article I of The NewsGuild's constitution establishes our mission. It says:

"The purpose of The NewsGuild shall be to: 

  • Advance the economic interests and to improve the working conditions of its members; 
  • Guarantee, as far as it is able, equal employment and advancement opportunity in the newspaper industry and constant honesty in news, editorials, advertising, and business practices;
  • Raise the standards of journalism and ethics of the industry;
  • Foster friendly cooperation with all other workers;
  • Promote industrial unionism in the jurisdiction of the Guild."