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Guild Representative for The Jersey Journal:

Jersey Journal Guild Local Representative - Bob Daraio

Bob Daraio

WELCOME HOME - With Jersey Journal management refusing to offer a raise after a year of bargaining, the Guild was on hand for the paper's move on Jan. 6 to new offices in Secaucus, NJ. Guild Rep. Bob Daraio and President Bill O'Meara hold the banner with Mr. Pig.

Recent Unit & Local News

A new year, new president & new opportunities for Guild

January 9, 2017

In a letter to members, new New York Guild President Grant Glickson gives an overview of his plans and goals as he sets out to grow and strengthen the union. "Change brings new possibilities and opportunities," he writes. "As I have met with many of you in the past few weeks, I have been moved by your energy and enthusiasm. You embody the fighting spirit that is essential to becoming an even stronger union with a more powerful voice -- a voice that management can’t ignore."

Guild President Szekely bids farewell with call to service

December 28, 2016

LOCAL BULLETIN - After more than 30 years of activism, including the past 16 months as president of the New York Guild, Peter Szekely leaves office on Jan. 1 with a farewell message that extols service to others and urges Guild members to answer the call. Szekely, who will resume his journalism career at Reuters, also recounted the changes he helped usher in at the Guild. "I challenged myself, and so did others, to do things we'd never done before at a time when business as usual didn't work anymore," he said.

Jersey Journal unit ratifies pact with bonus, health savings

December 19, 2016

NewsGuild-represented employees at The Jersey Journal ratified a two-year contract extension on Dec. 15 that includes a $1,200 bonus and health care savings. The narrow 5-3 vote to ratify expressed members’ distaste for a deal with no raises after what already has been a 12-year wage freeze. Members have been working under the terms of their last contract since it expired Dec. 31, 2012. The ratified agreement extends that contract to Dec. 31, 2018. 

Election challenge rejected; no further appeals seen

December 9, 2016

With their arguments rejected Thursday by the local’s independent Election Committee, New York NewsGuild President Peter Szekely said he and his Growing Stronger Coalition will not further pursue a new election. Challenger Grant Glickson and his Members First slate won by a wide margin when the vote-by-mail ballots were counted at American Arbitration Association offices Nov. 18. Glickson defeated Szekely 831-572. “Although I disagree with some of the committee's reasoning, we recognize the challenge of making our case, given our limited resources and the margin of the vote count,” Szekely said. “Our slate therefore accepts the committee's report as the final word on the election results.”

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Jersey Journal - Terrence T. McDonald

Terrence T. McDonald


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