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Delegates, alternates elected for 2015 TNG Sector Conference

November 26, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - Eight delegates and eight alternates to the upcoming 2015 Sector Conference of The Newspaper Guild-CWA have been officially elected. No other nominations were made from the floor and no additional nominations were filed by the Nov. 19 deadline.

Delegates, alternates nominated for 2015 TNG Sector Conference

November 13, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - Eight delegates and eight alternates to the 2015 Sector Conference of The Newspaper Guild-CWA were nominated by New York’s Representative Assembly on Tuesday night. The Sector Conference will be held in Orlando, Florida from Jan. 14 to 18.

CU president leaves a parting gift, but not for Guild members

September 9, 2014

CONSUMERS UNION - Earlier today, the company told many managers – those who have been around since at least 2009, when they got no raises – that they will receive a 4 percent bonus resulting from a “prior commitment by Jim Guest.” But Guild-represented employees aren’t getting any going-away gifts from our departing president. It looks like we were scammed.

Guild members to march in NYC Labor Day parade on Sept. 6

September 4, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - Join your Guild colleagues and the rest of the city's labor movement for the New York City Labor Day Parade as we march up Fifth Avenue on Saturday, Sept. 6. All Guild members are invited to spend a few hours to demonstrate their solidarity and remind onlookers and marchers alike that a strong middle class depends on a strong union movement.

Dawn Yancy narrowly wins election as CU first vice chair

August 12, 2014

CONSUMERS UNION - Dawn Yancy, assistant treasurer of the Consumers Union Guild unit, was narrowly elected over John McAloon, as the unit’s first vice chairperson. Yancy, an operations associate, received 70 votes in a special election to fill the vacant position. McAloon a unit vice chairperson who works as a test project leader, received 64 votes.

Dawn Yancy, John McAloon in election for CU first vice chair

July 15, 2014

CONSUMERS UNION - Dawn Yancy, assistant treasurer of the Consumers Union Guild unit, will face John McAloon, a unit vice chairperson, in a mail-ballot election to fill the vacant Unit Council position of first vice chairperson. Ballots are set to be sent to all Consumers Union Guild members on Thursday and collected from the Guild’s post office box on Aug. 11.

In Guild election rerun, slate is nominated without opposition

July 14, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - A single slate of candidates that includes the Guild's two current paid officers and its other incumbent rank-and-file leaders was deemed to be elected on Thursday when no opposing nominations were made in a government-supervised rerun of last November's triennial election that the Guild agreed to hold.

Nomination Notice

June 30, 2014

Pursuant to a voluntary compliance agreement between the United States Department of Labor (DOL) OLMS and Communications Workers Local 31003, The Newspaper Guild of New York (TNGNY), a new election will be conducted for several Guild offices. 

Guild has an APP for America's deepening retirement crisis

June 24, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - An innovative Guild-pioneered pension plan that could become a blueprint for helping to resolve America’s deepening retirement crisis has received the federal government’s blessing, making it a readily available union bargaining option that removes employers' main fear about traditional pensions.

Two activists named winners of 2014 Keenan Award

May 30, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - Standard & Poor’s Unit Chair Randye Gilliam and Hudson News Grievance Chair Montasir Islam, both of whom had central roles in their respective contract negotiations last year, were named winners of the Guild’s 2014 Keenan Award.  The award will be presented at a meeting open to all Guild members on Tuesday, June 24 at 6:30 p.m. The Guild’s semi-annual membership meeting also will feature reports from Local Chair Karen Rohan, President Bill O’Meara and Secretary-Treasurer Peter Szekely.