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New York explosion claims life of El Diario editor's husband

March 14, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - A deadly explosion that leveled two apartment buildings in New York City on Wednesday had tragic consequences for a Guild member. Among the known dead in the East Harlem blast was the husband of Guild member Liseth Perez, an editor at El Diario. The Guild is taking up a collection.

Election-related charge that Guild violated rights is rejected

March 7, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - Federal authorities last week dismissed a claim that the Guild violated the rights of hundreds of its members when its independent Local Elections Committee asked that Consumer Reports not allow its company email system to be used for a so-called digital debate ahead of last fall’s leadership election.

Glickson drops challenge to Guild leadership election

February 26, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - New York Times Unit Chair Grant Glickson announced on Tuesday that he is dropping all challenges to last fall’s Guild election in which he lost his bid to become president, saying the ongoing dispute has compromised his position as a Guild activist and that he was committed to “mending any fences that need mending.” But a separate challenge by a member who is not involved in either campaign is still pending.

EC, RA, membership meetings reset due to bad weather

January 21, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - Meetings of the Guild’s Executive Committee and Representative Assembly, originally scheduled for tonight, and a general membership meeting originally set for tomorrow night, have been postponed because of a strong winter storm that is beginning to dump an expected six to 10 inches in New York City and higher amounts in the suburbs to the east and the south.

Guild membership meeting set for Wednesday, Jan. 22 (Postponed)

January 14, 2014

LOCAL BULLETIN - (Postponed) The Newspaper Guild of New York will hold its annual membership meeting next week, with a handful of contract campaigns pending and a few more looming. In addition, the losing candidates in last year’s elections are challenging the outcome and seeking a rerun. This will be the final meeting at the Guild’s headquarters of more than 16 years.