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Bylaws (viewable by members only)

(Although we've tried our best to ensure the accuracy of this version of the bylaws, we can't rule out the possibility that some minor errors may have occurred in the formatting process. In the unlikely event that there are any discrepancies between the Web-based bylaws and the printed version, the printed version shall prevail. A pdf of the printed bylaws is available below.)

Bylaws of the
Newspaper Guild of New York
(As amended May 1998)

Article I - Structure

Article II - Membership

Article III - Units

Article IV - Representative Assembly

Article V - Executive Committee

Article VI - Local Elections

Article VII - Duties of Officers

Article VIII - General Membership Meetings

Article IX - Collective Bargaining

Article X - Dues and Assessments

    Article XI - Referendum

    Article XII - Amendments

    Article XIII - Interpretation